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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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AUGUST 15, 1911. 

ER, 0. S. B. FORT YATES. N. D. 

accomplishments in vocal and \ ed to the doors. The church had 
instrumental music, drills, reci- j been newly decorated and paint- 

On Tuesday, June 20, Rev. 
Bernard Strassmaier, O. S. B,, 
Superior of the Standing Rock 
Indian Mission, residing at 
Fort Yates, N. D. celebrated the 
25th anniversary or Silver Jubi- 
lee of his first Mass and ordina- 
tion to the priesthood, which 
was for him also at the same 
time the Silver Jubilee of his 
missionary life among the 
Sioux Indians, as he was sent 
from his monastery, the Bene- 
dictine Abbey at Conception Mis- 
souri, to the Dakotas shortly af- 
ter his ordination, in the year 
1886. Fr. Bernard's missionary 
labors were however not con- 
fined to the Indians' country, but 
extended over the counties of 
Campbell, Walworth and Mc- 
Pherson in South Dakota and 
Emmons, Mcintosh and Logan 
counties in North Dakota all on 
the eastside of the Missouri Riv- 
er, whilst the Standing Rock re- 
servation is situated on the west 
side. Most of the parishes and 
missions of the above named 
counties owe their foundation di- 
rectly or indirectly to Fr. Bern- 
ard and his fellow-missionaries 
among the Indians. 

During the week, beginning 
with Monday, June 19, Ft. Yates 
was a scene of many social and 
impressive church events. Invi- 
tations had been extended to all 
the friends of Father Bernard to 
be present at the jubilee excer- 
cises to be held on Tuesday, 
June 20th, that being the date of 
his first Mass 25 years ago. The 
guests arrived on Monday, and 
in the evening they attended an 
excellent entertainment given by 
the pupils of the large Indian 
Boarding School at the Agency 
in honor of the jubilarian — The 
parents of the children, all resi- 
dents of the Agency, the visiting 
friends, Sisters and priests and 
the Rt. Rev. Bishop Vincent 
Wehrle of Bismarck, N. D. were 
present at these exercises. 
The program was well selected, 
and the ability of the scholars 
was well demonstrated by the 
various exhibitions of their 

tations and dialogues. They gave 
certainly a very pleasing and in- 
teresting entertainment which 
reflected great credit on the 
painstaking care and instruction 
and training given them by Supt. 
E. C. Witzleben and the Bene- 
dictine Sisters and the civil ser- 
vice teachers and employees con- 
nected with the school. 

Tuesday Morning the Rt. Rev. 
Bishop Wehrle, who honored the 
occasion by his presence, was ac- 
companied to the church by the 
clergy and the people and child- 

Fr. Bernard celebrated Solemn 
High Mass in presence of the 
Bishop, assisted dy Rev. Joseph 

ed, and presented a very pleas- 
ing appearance. After Confirma- 
tion a solemn procession was 
formed to the cemetery, where 
the Bishop blessed the crucifix- 
ion group which has recently 
been placed at the entrance to the 
cemetery. This group of statu- 
ary is a beautiful and impressive 
sight, and typifies the spirit of 
progressiveness which has al- 
ways been displayed by Fr. 
Bernard. It is valued at $350, 00. 
This Catholic cemetery at Fort 
Yates is well kept and is a beau- 
tiful and inviting place. 

Fr. Bernard has labored hard 
and has spent much money to 
make the cemetery a beautiful 

Sen ell of Herreid, S. D. as as- spot -as he also takes special 
sistant Priest, Rev. Clemens pride in having the church and 

Dimpfl, O. S. B. of Mandan, N. 
D. as Deacon, Rev. Nicolas Dahl- 
manns, of Aberdeen, S. D. as 
Subdeacon, and Rev. Francis 

priesthouse and all the mission 
buildings in and outside of Fort 
Yates in good condition. 
At dinner a purse of $60-00 

Gerschwyler, O, S. B. of Shields, ' was presented to the Jubilarian 
N. D. as master of ceremonies, by Fr Dahlmanns in the name of 
Revs. John Frei, of Lemmon, S. the priests and the Bishop. Fr. 
D. and Martin Kernel, O. S. B. of Dahlmanns gave expression in 
Bismarck, N. D. assisted the well chosen words what pleasure 
Bishop at the throne Rev. Am- and encouragement it always 
brose Bucher, O. S. B. of Fort gave him in toe past, whenever 
Yates, presided at the organ and he meD Fr. Bernard on their mis- 
directed the choir, and had also sionary trips, when both were 
charge of most of the exterior doing pioneer work in this new 
preparations and arrangements country. A beautifully worked 
of the celebration. Rev, Bede Stola and Bursa were offered to 
Marty, O. S. B. of St. Benedict's Fr. Bernard by tne Sisters as a 
Mission. S. D. was in charge of faithful and grateful acknowl- 
those to be confirmed — children edgment for his untiring efforts 
and adults — to the number of (90) in their behalf. Ven. Sister Sera- 
ninety. I phim. M. Superior, and all the 

Fr. Martin preached in Sioux Sisters are deserving of the best 
and English on the high signifi- thanks of all, for entertaining 
cance of the Silver Juoilee of a the guests and doing all in their 
priest and the priestly and mis-, power to make the celebration a 
sionary work done within that success, 
period. Also the visiting Sisters from 

The Bishop had also the kind- Bismarck presented some beau- 
ness to address the people with tif ul and useful pieces of work 
a few remarks, in which he very for the occasion, 
fittingly described the character ', In the afternoon a meetng of 
and the faithful work of Fr. the Catholic Foresters in charge 
Bernard as a true priest accord- of their founder and organizor & 
ing to the heart of God. After chief Ranger, Louis Endres and 
Mass the Sacrament of confirma- of the members of St. Joseph's 
tion was administered and a full and St. Mary's Societies and 
instruction given on the nature other Catholic Societies was held 
and effects of that Sacrament. ! in the Societies' meeting house 
Regardless of the intense heat at which time a purse of $168-32 
the spacious church was crowd- was presented to Fr. Bernard. 

This represented the donations 
of residents of the reservation ir- 
respective of church affiliations, 
nationality and color. Speeches 
were held by Major Carignan. 
Louis Endres, Chief John Grass. 
Standing Soldier and others. 
Addresses were also made by 
Bishop Wehrle. Fathers Bernard, 
Dahlmanns and Ambrose. Later 
in the day the visiting Sisters 
Eustachia and Marietta of the 
Bimarck St. Alexius Hospital, 
and Apollonia, Amata, and Syl- 
via of the Bismarck St. Mary's 
Parochial School and Fathers 
Clemens of Mandan and Martin 
of Bismarck were entertained at 
the home of Dr. and Mrs. Good- 
rich. They were assisted by Mrs. 
A. D. Anderson of Bismarck, 
who also helped in various ways 
to make the jubilee celebration 
successful. It was a great en- 
joyable day for everybody. 

Oa Friday evening, June 23d, 
the residents of the Agency met 
in social conclave at the Agency 
hall to extend to Fr. Bernard a 
special expression of their high 
esteem and regard for him. The 
following excellent program of 
speeches, music and recitations 
was rendered. — 

Address — Rev Father Martin 
Kenel, O. S. B. 

Music (piano) Mrs. and Miss 
Address: Supt. E. C. Witzleben. 
Jubilee Greetings — Master Hen- 
ry Goodrich. 

Violin and Piano: Miss L. 
Fiske and Mr. Fiske. 

Recitation: Miss Hermina 

Address: Major J. Hamilton,. 
U. S. Indian Agent. 

Piano Solo; Miss Jean Witz- 

Address: Rev. Father Ambrose, 
O. S. B. 

Address: Rev. Father Bernard 
O. S. B. 

Grand finale chorus, all sweet 
singers participating. 

Letters of congratulation were 
read from Mgr. D. Falconio, 
Apostolic Delegate at Washing- 
ton- D. C, who sent to the Jubi- 
larian his special blessing — other 
letters were from Rev. Wm. H. 
Ketcham. Director of the Catho- 
lic Bureau of Indian Missions, 
Washington, D. C. also one from 
Col. Jas. McLaughlin. U. S. In- 
dian Agent. Mrs. Cramsie, wife 
of one of [.our former Agents, 
Major W. J. Cramsie of St Paul, 
Minn., had also written a most 

AUGUST 15. 1911. 

beautiful and encouraging letter 
testifying to Fr. Bernard's un- 
selfish sacrificial life for the be T 
nefit of the Indians ? nd Wnites 
entrusted to his pastoral care 
' during the period of a quarter of 
a century. 

Daring the evening, towards 
the close of the reception, Fr. 
Bernard was presented with a 
handsome silver chalice, the gift 
of Mrs. James McLaughlin, and 
a life sized portrait of himself 
from Mr. Frank R,. Fiske, the 
popular artist and photographer. 
The utmost harmony prevailed, 
and many expressions of good 
wiil were exchanged between 
the missionaries and the repre- 
sentatives of the Government. 
The speakers of the evening 
voiced in convincing words the 
love and respect which all reser- 
vation people hold for Fr.. Ber- 
nard. They told of the trials 
and sacrifices which were made 
by him during the twenty five 
(25) years of his work and of his 

Mr. Jacob Strassniaier, who is 
a brother of Fr. Bernard, came 
from Eugene City, Oregon, to 
attend the jubilee. On Tuesday 
June 27th they both departed 
for his western home, where Fr. 
Bernard will spend a few weeks 
of, a well earned vacation, and 
visit his aged father, whom he 
has not seen since the latters ar- 
rival in this coantry four (4)years 


(Catholic Indian Missions.) 

Rev. Father Ketcham Ikcewi- 
cast i ■ B.aasapa tawicoran awan- 
yake sin omaka 1910 ohnayan 
wayuotanin, qa owicoran waste- 
ste wanjigji Tunkansina tamaka 
en Dakota sinasapa onpi kin on 
woyaka. Tunkansina tamaka kin 
en iKcewicasta (300,000) kekto- 
pawinge opawinge yamni onpi, 
qa de etanhan (61,456) kektopa- 

pi ecee tuka he wanna erpeyapi. 
Protestant obepi kin iyokipipi 
sni, wicoran owasin iyakiyecen 
ecawicakiconpi tuka. 

Hecen dehan wayawa si ~ssapa 
opapi kin detanhan Protestants 
omniciye opapi kte sni, qa Pro- 
testants wowahokonkiye naron- 
pi kte sni. 

Nakun de isanpa Father Ketch- 
am tunkansinayanpi en rtanipi 
kin, qa wakiconza opapi kin owa- 
sin ociwasteya qa tanyan okiya- 
pi; tuka.iyotan Tunkansinayanpi 
Taft wasagwicaye kta wacinwi- 
cakiyuza keya. 

Toxa St. Josehh Qa St. Mary 

Okodakiciye Opapi Kik.han 

Taku Awacin Unpi Kta. 

Ocanku marpiya iyahdeya kin 
maya, inyan oju qa omani sica, 
qa tonana ohnatuka wowiyuskin 
oihanke wanica iyahde. Qa hen 
oihanke wanin woozikiye unyu- 
hapi kta. Maka akan unnisikapi 
waniyazankapi, qa nicakijapi, 

canpi qa ninagipi tanyan on kta 
qa token maka akan tanyan ya- 
onpi qa winoni onman kin ekta 
nakun tanyan yaanpi kte cin he- 
na iwoyahdakapi kta. Qa wowa- 
onsida ayeciyuhapi qa wahokon- 
yeciciyapi kta, oyeciyapi kta, 
hecen witaya dapi kinhan taku 
wanji onspe wacannipi kta. To- 
keca maka akan waon he? Ma- 
ka akan waon kin he Wakantan- 
ka sdonwaye kte, wastewadake 
kta, anawagoptan kta; hecen wi- 
coni unman kin ekta kici iyuskin- 
yan waon kta; he tokaheya on- 
nispepi kte cin ee. Ho hecen to- 
kaheya Wakantanka sdonyapi, 
tawacin, tawokonze, qa Catholic 
Church taku onspe wicakiye cin 
hena onspeniciciyapi kta. Taku 
ota onnispepi kta iyecece cin ota 
nahanrci sdonyayapi sni. Wita- 
ya dapi kinhan yecigepi kte sni, 
aiyeciyapi kte sni, tuwe tokeca 
oran odakapi kte sni, is tuwena 
canze yeciyapi kte sni; witaya 
dapi- kinhan canzeyeciyapi kta on 
dapi sni. Hehan inayajinpi qa 
taku waste ecanon;)! keya woya- 

way which left no room for doubt 
in the minds of his hearers as to 
his sincerity. The hall was de- 
corated with boughs of trees and 
numerous plants and much fur- 
niture, and was well lighted with 
gas lights, and perhaps never 
presented a more pleasing aspect 
before. The Committee on de- 
coration deserves great credit 
for their efforts. They were 
Messrs. Davidson and Driscoll. 
and the Misses Robinson and 
Miller of the Agency School. 

The numbers 1886 1911 were 

much in evideuce and appeared 
to good advantage. 

Refreshments were served by 
the ladies and the luncheon was 
a grand example and exhibition 
of their abilities in culinary arts. 

The rest of the evening was 
spent in card playing and other 
amusements. Besides honoring 
Fr. Bernard the guests certainly 
thoroughly enjoyed themselves 
and so it was a most complete 
and satisfactory affair all around. 
All very heartily regrtted that 
Fr. Bernard's Superior. Rt. Rev. 
Abbot . Frowin of Conception. 
Mo. could not be Dresent. 

casipi i37 iKee wicasta ecen ka- 
gapi qa ecen sinasapa wicasta 
wakan 164 onpi, qa wicanagi 
awanyakapi, qa tipiwakan 249 
yuhapi. Wayawa otitanka 55, qa 
tiyatanhan wayawapi 8 henake- 
ca yuhapi. Brothers sunkawi- 
cayapi 72, qa winyan wakan 373 
henakeca wayawa ti kin en wa- 
onspekiyapi. Mission school en 
Dakota siceca (5000) kektopawin- 
ge zapttn iye owicakiyapi qa wa- 
onspewicakiyapi. Qa Tunkan- 
sina woonspe ecen Dakota sice- 
ca sinasapa opapi kin (6000) ke- 
ktopawinge sakpe onpi qa apa 
sinasapa wanyake sni onpi. 
Omaka kin econhan tankapi kin 
(760) opawinge sakowin sam wi- 
kcemna sakpe, qa siceca kin 3,136 
kektopawinge yamni sanpa opa- 
winge wanji sanpa wikcemna ya- 
mni sanpa sakpe denakeca mini- 

Dehantu kin Ikcewicasta ate- 
yapi kin Valentine woope kage 
qa tunkansina woonspe en siceca 
sinasapa opa onpi kin hena iye 
wocekiye tawapi en token okihi 
skanpi kta iyowinwicakiye. he- 
cen de waste itokam taku woce- 
kiye kes owasin en opewicakiya- 


Tohan ainiyapi qa sicaya nicu- 
wapi kinhan wiyuskinpi qa nina 
cante waste po! Marpiya ekta 
nicanptapi kta. Taku sica on 
itkom taku sica econpi sni po, 
tuka itkopatanhan wayawastepo! 
De woonspe kin Jesus oiye qa 
oranye cin on onspeunkiyapi, qa 
tohan maka kin de akan ni un- 
yakonpi kinhan de onspeunkici- 
ciyapi kta; neon etanhan wicasta 
qa winyan wastepi okodakiciye 
icicagapi qa maka akan Jesus 
woonspe wan unkahipi kin on- 
speiciciyapi; neon etanhan tona 
okodakiciye de en opapi kin ti- 
wahe wanjipidan iyecen qa taku- 
kiciyapi rce cin iyecen wasteki- 
cidapi kta. qa onsikiciclapi kta. 

St. Peter taku eye cin anago- 
ptan po! "Owasin cante wanji- 
dan hduwitaya onsikicida po. 
hunkawanjikiciyapi kin iyecen 
wastekicidapo, waonsidapo qa 
wacantkiya po!" Owasin ecen 
ecanonpi kinhan okodakiciye kin 
iyopte kta qa ecen ecanonpi sni 
kinhan, kun hde kta qa sanpa 
wanisakapi kte sni. Omniciye 
ca witaya yaupi kin token nitan- 

wastedake ca anpetu waste wan- 
yaka cin kinhan, iye ceji kin ta- 
kn sica en yeye kte sni, qa iha 
kin wohnaye takudan ie kte sni." 

Wacintankapi kin he wojupisu 
pa rinca, tuka waskuyeca skuya 
icarya ecee. 

Wicasta witkotkoka cante kin 
i kin en yanke, tuka wicasta 
ksapa i kin he cante kin ekta 

Tuwe cinca waonspekiye sni 
kin he wanmaonpi onspekiya. 


Wheeler. Wis. Aug. 3, Edward 
McMurchie kte. pejiyuhinta. 
Unkan ordateya hinrpaya qa 
sunkakan nape, qa mazayuhinte 
pestona kin on wasteyena yupo- 
ta qa yazan on ta. 


New York Aug. 3. — Hoksina 
wan Jno McClean eciyapi, wani- 
yetu 13 oistinma mani qa ojan- 
janhdepi wan etanhan iyaya, qa 
he wankan tipi isakpe etanhan 
kun hiyu, sihaiyutapi 100 wan- 
kantuya, onkini ni kta.